The status code is worth 3 digit numbers. Here are the frequently used status code values.  The client request was successfully executed by the server. 400 (Bad Request) – The client request cannot be executed due to failure. In the client input validation process. 500 (Internal Server Error) – The client request could not be executed because. The server encountered an error. URL Design URL, Path, or End point are several important things that must be considered when building a REST API.  , API usage will be easier to understand. Follow general rules or conventions so that API use has the standards expected by many developers. So, now you know what REST Web Services are and the concepts that must be applied before building a REST API? If you are interested in learning more about REST Web Services, at Dicoding there is a class on Learning to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners .

This class is part of the Back

End Developer learning path which was prepared together with Amazon Web Services and other industry players. If you need a scholarship to gain access to this learning path, please register for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship program . Apa itu REST Web Service: Tutorial Back-End DeAfter successfully presenting challenges whatsapp database to Indonesian developers to create AR products on the Snapchat platform through the IDCamp 2021 Snapchat AR Developer Program – Ramadan Series, Indosat Ooredoo together with Snapchat again presented the next challenge with the theme of Indonesian Independence . Welcoming the 76th Indonesian Independence Day, the AR Lenses created will also be promoted by Indosat Ooredoo and Snapchat to users in Indonesia. Main Provisions This Developer.

Challenge is open to all citizens

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of the Republic of Indonesia (WNI). The AR Lenses created must carry a theme around Indonesian Independence . The AR Lenses created must Phone Number SG be accessible to the public on the Snapchat platform.   Requests made by clients must contain clear information. Don’t expect a RESTful API to retain information from r task. For example, an admin can delete and create .

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