Creating a company history means taking the past, present and future of the company, mixing them wisely and producing a series of contents relevant to your target. In all of this, obviously, knowing your buyer personas is essential to knowing what to write. Finding something interesting to say is always an open question: every brand has its problems in continuing to renew its topics and in finding stories that are authentic. And by “authentic” I mean at least 2 things: That they are linked to the way the company sees the world (today and not how we would like the company to see the world) That reflect the history of the company, its mission and its values.

What is brand storytelling for

Because, it should be remembered, storytelling is mainly linked to the world of emotions : most purchasing decisions (decisions in general, in reality) occur on an emotional and non-rational basis. Even if the numbers can help us go one direction or the other. Storytelling: definition In a business context, we define storytelling as the Argentina Phone Number List ability to tell stories that are relevant to your customers with the open goal of building a relationship with them. Brand storytelling is therefore a strategic activity that stands above content marketing and defines its tactics. We have seen that corporate storytelling is mainly linked to what we could.

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The role of buyer personas

Define as a type of institutional communication and that a technical. Description of our product could hardly fall into the category. A true story is something that touches us on a personal level. That triggers emotions in us, that vibrates on our own Hong Kong Phone Number List strings. A story is standing up for something the company believes in even if it means taking a stand and not pleasing everyone. One story is to carry out an operation in open opposition to the trump government. In favor of every type of family regardless of the sex or color of both parents. A story is responding provocatively to haters. On social media or creating a particular variant of a product that historically never changes.

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