Regardless of whether it is cold or hot, sudden temperature changes are not good for the human body, which is why problems often appear. Usually, people protect themselves from the cold and do everything to keep warm. The negative thing about cold weather is the fact that it causes immediate narrowing of the blood vessels during exposure from hot to cold. At the moment, the most affected are patients with chronic diseases, therefore we advise that if they do not have essential needs, they should not be exposed to the cold weather. Unfortunately, during the winter season we have more negative events for both the young and the elderly.

He warns how dangerous

Systematically, this fact has not been examined why this happens. But people have more health problems during the winter period. The change in atmospheric pressure affects human health, while low temperatures affect the increase in Cameroon WhatsApp Number List atmospheric pressure. Freezing of body parts is something that happens only during low temperatures. If you are exposed for a longer time in the cold, since the largest percentage of our body is composed of water” – says dr. Dejan kovačević, interventional electrophysiologist cardiologist, at “acibadem sistina”. He warns how dangerous it is for citizens to drink alcohol during these cold days. What is dangerous is the abuse of alcohol during sub-zero temperatures.

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Fatty food in winter is less of a problem

But, much more dangerous is if you are exposed drunk in such weather. What should we do to protect ourselves? We must be careful when going out in these polar temperatures. We must dress well, drinking alcohol should be reduced as Brazil Telegram Number much as possible in open spaces. Wine and brandy cause additional dilation of blood vessels. Which results in slower body cooling during low temperatures. This is the underlying problem which can cause frostbite and tissue damage to occur more quickly due to the cold. Therefore, everything should be in controlled measure. If you are not drunk from what you are going to drink. It means that drinking alcohol is in a controlled amount and you should not continue further” – emphasizes dr.

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