Nothing magical really happens after 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening. The only reason why we should avoid large meals at night is the fact. That at night we are less active and spend fewer calories. Also, at the end of the day we are more relaxed and have an increased appetite. Also, another reason why you blame dinner for gaining weight is the fact that you sit eating in front of the tv and watching your favorite evening show. Eating. At night is not wrong if it is accompanied by some healthy habits. Of course, it is not recommended to eat fast food before going to bed. Read the conclusions of numerous studies that will help you to speed up your metabolism.

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Dinner, which contains very little sugar, regulates the blood sugar level the next day The results of a study conducted in America have shown that what you ate at dinner can affect how your body will react in the morning the next day. The results Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List showed that those people who ate food with low sugar content at dinner, adjusted the sugar level much better in the morning of the next day. All carbohydrates turn into fat if you consume them at night Don’t avoid carbs after a rigorous workout because of the evening. Banana or sweet potato consumption is ideal as it will replace the energy.

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Reserves in the muscles. Exercise plays a big role in how the body accepts and processes food. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that carbs can turn into fat because you’re eating at night. Muscles need this food so they can restore lost energy and Brazil Phone Number List be ready for the next workout. Eating carbs at night helps control appetite/hunger the next day A high-carbohydrate dinner causes hormonal changes that reduce hunger the next day. These are the results of the study conducted between two groups of 63-year-old men and women. One group ate a carbohydrate-rich dinner, while the other group consumed carbohydrates only during the day.

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