This includes the peripheral organs of the digestive and genitourinary tract. As well as the blood vessels and nerve parts that are located in it. Prof. Dr. Jordan saveski, traumatologist at the “acibadem sistina” clinical hospital. Explains that in addition to the protective role. The pelvis also plays another important role in the transmission of force to movements and loads on the spine. In a sitting position or while standing. What is the pelvis? Pelvis (pelvis) is the ring of the bony structure. Consisting of two sides, which are connected to the sacrum (crosses of the legs) in the part of the joints of the sacrum, while in front with the symphysis.

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The bone structures between them are connected by strong ligaments front and back creating the strongest bone ligament structure in humans. Which provides stability and transmission of load power to the spine in the lower extremities and vice Philippines Phone Number List versa. Fracture due to heavy load pelvic ring fracture is a serious surgical problem, with a high mortality rate. The fracture of the pelvic ring is caused as a result of. The pressure of the weight, such as trauma caused by a car accident. Falling from great heights, being crushed by a tractor or trailer, etc. The sides of the pelvis (left and right), during their union. Are formed by three bones: ilium, pubis, ishum.

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Fractures in the pelvis occur as a result of force or pressure on the pelvic ring: pressure on the front and back on the side of the pelvis, as well as vertical fractures – explains Prof. Dr. Jordan Saveski. How is it diagnosed? Pelvic fractures are Costa-Rica Phone Number List diagnosed through a rigorously defined procedure that includes: clinical control and assessment, radiological assessment and computed tomography. Clinical evaluation: the surgeon must first. Evaluate in detail the general condition of the injured person, ensure the airways, breathing itself. Circulation, and then follows the careful and detailed control of the pelvic ring, by means of a precise physical control, by means of which information is obtained about the stability of the ring.

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