Arrhythmia begins with short episodes of irregular heart rhythm. Which subsides without the use of any special medication. Sometimes the arrhythmia can last longer (for several hours). In such cases, consultation with a cardiologist is required. “initially, it should be started with the use of some (antiarrhythmic) drugs, which are effective in most cases. But patients who have other concomitant diseases (hypertension, diabetes. Kidney disease or any type of heart disease) then the treatment is longer and more complicated. Arterial fibrillation is the arrhythmia which is the most common cause of weakening of the heart (reduction in the pumping power of the heart). Stroke or dementia” – explains dr. Ivan trajkov on the consequences of untreated arrhythmia.

Prevention of thrombosis

Types of treatment Treatment should be taken in time to reduce the chances of complications. Dr. Ivan trajkov explains that if the arrhythmia UAE Phone Number List does not subside with anti-arrhythmic drugs, then electrical cardioversion is applied. “This is a method of calming the heart rhythm with an electric shock (medically controlled). If the patient needs short repetitions of electrical cardioversion, in such cases electrophysiological study with radiofrequency ablation in the left heart artery, where the main cause of arterial fibration is usually located, is recommended for patients. The pacemaker takes over the normal heartbeat If the patient has chronic arterial arrhythmia, the arrhythmia which lasts more than a year, and cannot.

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Effective treatment of heart arrhythmias

Structural changes of the heart. With Afghanistan Phone Number List weakening of the heart pump, in such cases. According to current cardiology recommendations, a cardiac pacemaker is placed, which works by assuming the normal heartbeat. “placement of the cardiac pacemaker (pacemaker) is done through a small. Surgical intervention during which an electrode (probe) is placed in the right ventricle and as a generator (battery) under the skin, usually on the left side of the chest. Explains dr. Ivan trajkov. Electrophysiological study for the confirmation of arrhythmia at the same time. For a better control of the heart rhythm, the electrophysiological test is performed. This is a procedure that serves to confirm the arrhythmia.

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