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For others, as I tell you. Well, let’s get to it… Phases to design a website Index And I say of contents 2022 Objectives Retrospective #1 Web traffic 2022 vs 2021 Problems with the launch of my new website #2 Subscriber List The discovery of Twitter as a way to capture leads #3 Web services for clients #4 Launch of ‘Your website, what’s the point of sending an email in which you don’t make a call to action? This call can be a link to a new post on your blog, to a product from your online store or to a sales page for an infoproduct. Juan Palomo style’ #5 Launch of ‘Web Page Rental’ Objective of ‘Web Page Rental’ Automat system to optimize processes .

Email marketing

 Positioning and visibility The blog YouTube channel Local landing pages #8 Membership income executive data 2023 goals And now, how has 2022 been for you? 2022 Objectives Retrospective The year 2021 was a strange year in many ways, as I told you here . We were gradually returning to normality after Covid and the business also gradually return to more “normal” . but always, always, there is a CTA (Call to Action). High frequency of sending: if you send an email to your subscribers only when you remember, when you have to sell a new product or once a month, your users will forget about you and will even see you as just an interest party that you only remember.

Numbers in terms

Of visibility, after the explosion of traffic and customers in 2020 in full confinement. Knowing this, I set the following goals And I say for 2022: Resign my website to make Google horny again. Give a lot of effort to the Phone Number SG blog. In fact I had creat a very clear itorial calendar. Bet on the YouTube channel and try to upload a video or two a week. Focus my content efforts on affiliation. them for your own benefit. And no, no matter how much you read out there, a high sending frequency does not make you a bore. 

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