The Fortune 1000 Canadian technology company. Together with the American marketing agency specialized in integrated email strategies. Quris , have carried out an experiment to prove that email improves sales. Attracts customers and can influence their purchasing behavior. The test results have been the following. Both mailing and email marketing strategies seek to increase sales. However the former focus on the commercial offer. While emails combine information and entertainment with. A view to building a long-term relationship.


Email users must receive

Consistent communications, that is, those executive email list that provoke interaction, the only way to measure the purchasing activity carried out by the consumer before and after the message; – those who registered more than a year ago as customers via email accounted for 20% of the responses in the experiment (considered as, at least, opening the email), while users who have been registered for less than a year provided 85%. of the answers; – sending an email twice a month increases sales by 28%; – the emails confirmed their effectiveness in recovering inactive customers.


Emails should talk about benefits

What’s in it for me. This should be the question Phone Number SG that every promotional email answers. The technical details of the product or corporate of the issuer can be ignored to specify the message in the advantages and utilities of the offer for the client. That is the opinion of one of the most prestigious e-mail marketing experts in the United States, Paul Soltoff, who adds that every email campaign must contain the following points: – improvement of quality of life, – earnings or saving money, – health, – success, – helps in relationships, – protection and security. Ultimately, the message has to provide practical solutions. 

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