The a Base. Psychological Education, at a Minimum, Gives the Skill of Working Correctly With Clients and Instills Ethical Standards. But All This Requires Practice: We Trained on Each Other, Conducted Training Sessions to Understand How the People’s Psyche Reacts. We Didn’t Learn From Clients Who Pay Money for It. And This is Several Years. Therefore, When They Ask Me Whether Education is Necessary to Practice, I Always Answer – Yes, It is Necessary. To Come Up With Your Own Methodology, You First Need to Study and Understand Others (Otherwise You May End Up “inventing the Wheel” – Far From the First and Guaranteed Not to Be the Best). You Will.

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Yourself and Your Emotional Traumas So as Not to Transfer Them to the Client. After This, You Can Effectively Help People. In FOOD AND BEVERAGE EMAIL LIST What Form Do You Work With Clients, What Types of Services Do You Provide? Basically, I Consult via Skype, as I Live in Cyprus and Travel a Lot. I Have Many Formats of Work: Individual Consultations and Therapy Courses, Constellations, Master Classes and Corporate Trainings, and Now There Will Be Online Projects. There Are Initial Consultations When the Client Understands That Therapy is Needed and Comes to Understand Whether a Psychologist is Suitable or Not. The Most Popular Consultation is to Determine a Psychological.

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It Immediately Shows the Level of Professionalism. There is Drawings (Mainly for Owners and Managers of Kindergartens), Fairy Tale Therapy, Interpretation of the Symbolic Meaning of Tattoos From the Point of View of Art Ecuador Phone Number List Therapy, Consultation on a Mandala, Drawing Up a Wish Map, as Well as a Coffee Session – a Convenient Format for Personal Acquaintance Before the Beginning of a Course of Therapy. In Addition, There Are Individual Therapy Courses: a Basic Course (Harmonization of All Spheres of Life), an Intensive Course (for People Acutely Experiencing Emotional Trauma an.

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