previous requests for use in subsequent requests. Cacheable In order to respond to requests quickly, the REST API should apply the cache principle . So that every request does not only take from the database. Layered When the REST API server has a complex architecture. The client should not need to know how the server serves it. Did you know that this article was taken directly from. One of the materials in the Learning to Create Back-End .  Applications for Beginners class which was prepared by a team of Dicoding . Experts together with industry practitioners and has been validated by a team from AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Currently, AWS provides Indonesian language classes in the Back-End Developer field for FREE through the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship .

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Program .  and completely free. You just register and fill out the short registration form at . After registering, you will definitely get it straight away! 100,000 Scholarships for Indonesia from Amazon Web Services Concepts that must be implemented before building a REST API Before building a REST API, we need to first know the important concepts that must be ws number list applied in building this architecture. What are these concepts? When building a REST API we must pay attention to the following four concepts: Request and Response Format REST APIs often use JavaScript Object Notation or JSON as the data format for both requests and responses . Currently JSON is one of the standard formats for data transactions.

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JSON itself , beating its predecessor, namely XML . So that the REST API can always respond in JSON format, make sure that each response has a Content-Type property with the value application/json . HTTP Verbs/Methods Because the REST API uses the HTTP protocol, we can use HTTP verbs to determine Phone Number SG actions. For example, GET to get data, POST to send new data, PUT to update existing data, and DELETE to delete data. These verbs are verbs that are commonly used in CRUD (Create, read, update, and delete) operations . HTTP Response Code Status-Line is one part of the HTTP Response. In the status line there is a response code which indicates whether the client ‘s request has been successful or not.

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