Chemical peels help remove dead cells and stimulate the epidermis to create new cells. While vitamin and hyaluronan cocktails provide optimal skin care needs. At the center for aesthetic dermatology in acibadem sistina. Patients have the opportunity to receive expert advice on skin regeneration and proper control through which the right choice of aesthetic procedure is determined. The choice of treatment for each patient is individual, prepared according to the appropriate assessment. For the needs of specific skin types. Before you go on vacation in order to strengthen the structure of the skin, enrich its elasticity and then prepare it for the challenges of summer. We can use some of the many aesthetic procedures.

Before you go on vacation

Collagen induction therapy (dermaroller) as well as mesotherapy are recommended one month before the summer holidays of the year. With the help of the dermaroller, the skin is mechanically stimulated to remove the damaged part. Creating new Cambodia WhatsApp Number List collagen, stimulating growth factors that contribute to the restoration and renewal of the skin. With this preparation, microchannels are formed in the skin through which the entry of various. Therefore, Substances is formed (mesotherapy). Mesotherapy is used with cocktails of ampoules which contain a combination of hyaluronic acid with vitamins.

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Skin regeneration and radiance

The effect of this aesthetic procedure (mesotherapy and dermaroller) is the return of the skin’s freshness, traction, elasticity and what is most important, the skin is extremely hydrated. Therefore, Thanks to these effective and safe means, the skin is healthy and prepared to face the challenges of hot summer. Skin regeneration and radiance during the summer season In the period after the summer holidays, your skin may look healthy and dark, but if not properly cared for it can remain dry, dehydrated, rough to the touch, lacking in elasticity and prone to flaking and itching. . For the optimal health and regeneration of the largest organ .

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