Add a list in Trello It’s time to create a list. To do this, go to the <<+ Add a list>> button and enter the name you want to name the list with. how to add a list in trello Once you do that step, it is time to generate the necessary labels. As you can see in the image below, I give you a real example of the steps that would be taken when writing an article for a client. how to create labels on this platform As you can see in the image, you can write as many tags within the list as you want.

Advantages and platform

Where we are more distanced from email leads our colleagues. Therefore, in today’s article I bring you a Trello tutorial on how the app works in Spanish and what key points.- Configure the platform Within the menu, pressing. Advantages and the  button takes you to more settings that you can modify. Therefore, such as: Setting Copy board. Print or export dashboard. Link. Delete board (you have several days to recover it again.

email leads

 Export dashboard

Where each user  Phone Number SG Configure labels Once the labels have been created , the tool will allow you to configure and customize. Them in multiple ways: Open card. Edit. Change members. Change cover. Move. Copy Edit date. Archive or delete. how to configure labels 5- See Menu and control. Therefore, center By clicking on the button at the top right that says <<… Show menu>> the control center will appear .Advantages and where you can customize the dashboard and review all the activities carried out by each member of your team. What is the menu or control center.

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