Center , then the solution is Amazon Connect at a low cost. Apart from that, Amazon Connect also has an omnichannel. Cloud feature as a solution for the IT help center, reception. epartment, finance department, and other departments. hat must provide support, both internally and externally. If educational institutions want to offer free online learning modules about cloud computing to students, then join AWS Educate to access various interesting things about cloud computing . AWS and its partner companies will provide various resource offerings, such as AWS Promotional Credits, in order to support customers. What are the advantages of cloud computing in education? Supporting student success Teachers, mentors, governments, universities, and EdTech have one main goal, namely developing students to be successful. AWS Cloud helps educational.

Cloud security and compliance

institutions provide learning experiences to students, access applications at any time, and improve learning outcomes. AWS  is built to help every even the most security-sensitive ones, meet the security and privacy requirements of student data. AWS manages many programs ws data related to both national and international compliance, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) . The agility and scalability of AWS enables educational institutions to create more efficient and flexible custom infrastructure.  Cost savings Educational institutions can reduce costs by using AWS direct pay .

With the ability to scale up and down

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costs depending on traffic changes, it allows governments. institutions, EdTech and digital education institutions to increase their cloud capacity temporarily, at low cost. The explanation above is a direct explanation from Amazon Web Services . If you are interested in learning Phone Number SG more about cloud computing or cloud computing using AWS services, currently AWS provides Indonesian language classes in the field of Back-End Developer for FREE. The Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program is public, unconditional, and completely free. You just register and fill out the short  of Dicoding Points*, Merchandise Dicoding (SWAG),  files, services, data and application features.

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